CST at MCM Milano - Congress and Exhibition on Maintenance solutions
Crown Plaza Hotel - San Donato Milanese April 18th 2019.

How to lower the OPEX by means of a modern lubrication system that improves machine availability, saves lubricant and keeps the unit under constant and sharp monitoring? Within the workshop "Predictive analysis & 4.0 monitoring for the component and system integrity", Alessio Butini (CST's Sales and Marketing Manager) presented “Cost reduction by means of smart lubrication” where fluid control and digital monitoring converge in the PLS-100. PLS-100 lowers oil consumption, component wearing, jamming of process streams, adsorbed power, downtime for repairs... A lean & modern approach to an ancient need of any motion part.
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CST at ADIPEC 2018

On November 12th-15th 2018, the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre hosted the ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE - 2018 edition. This Forum is the leading venue to discuss topical issues of the industry, where decisions that provide direct impact on formation of the global gas market will be taken. Our Engineers Massimo Colzi and Stefano Catastini were present at booth n. 1450 in hall 1, realized in partnership with Sirio Sistemi Elettronici (SSE), to present our full range of products and services for the Oil&Gas and petrochemical industry.

Por Creo Fesr 2014-2020 logo


La Regione Toscana all’interno del programma operativo regionale FESR 2014-2020 sostiene finanziariamente il progetto di ricerca e sviluppo ideato da C.S.T: S.r.l. per la realizzazione di un sistema di diagnostica low cost per compressori alternativi.

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CST at MCM - Mostra Fiera Manutenzione Industriale – Verona - Ottobre 2018

MCM è la Mostra Convegno Internazionale della Manutenzione Industriale che ogni anno propone una ricca area espositiva e centinaia di convegni e workshop dedicati agli operatori del settore. Manutenzione elettrica, meccanica, predittiva e diagnostica, strumentazione e controllo per la manutenzione, pompe, compressori, valvole ed accessori sono alcuni dei settori merceologici proposti in fiera. L’Ing. Cosimo Cascarci, consultative service leader, interverrà in qualità di relatore sull’argomento: “Studio e analisi delle vibrazioni dei compressori alternativi per mantenerne l’integrità”.

Programma dell'evento


CST at GMRC Gas Machinery Conference - Kansas City Convention Center - Kansa City, MO - September 2018

The Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC) is a community of proactive natural gas companies dedicated to investigating technical issues within the rapidly evolving gas machinery industry and uncovering innovative solutions that improve reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of mechanical and fluid systems.

SPIGF 2018

SPIGF 2018 ST. Petersburg

CNG compression package designed and built by CST and Alphagas in joint production with GAZPROM GAS ENGINE FUEL, presented to Mr Miller, CEO of Gazprom, during Saint Petersburg International Gas Forum 2018. Great interest from Gazprom top management and Gas Forum participants!

CST at SPIGF 2018 ST. Petersburg

From October 2nd to 5th, the Expoforum of St. Petersburg hosts the 8th International Gas Forum. This Forum is the leading venue to discuss topical issues of the industry. The principal objective of the Forum is to provide a platform for substantive dialogue between leaders of gas industry. The Forum is by rights a unique gas industry event in Russia: besides an extensive exhibition program, every year the Forum provides a convention program that ensures substantive discussion of the most acute and pressing issues. You can find CST at booth n. B7.1 Pavillon F where you are invited to speak with our Member of the Board Giovanni Bucaneve, our Sales and Marketing manager Alessio Butini and our Service & Site Operation Project Manager Massimo Colzi.



On September 13th and 14th 2018, CST has participated to the 11th Conference of the European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors in Madrid. During the conference, our mechanical engineer (Pamela Tani) has presented an article: "New concept lubrication system application on a HP reciprocating compressor"

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CST at Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference in PRAGUE

From 15th to 20th of July 2018, CST has participated at the PVP - Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference in PRAGUE, presenting the article: PVP2018-84666: From Piping Deformation To Pressure Pulsation Measurements To Solve LDPE Plants Vibration Issues The ASME PVP Conference is the outstanding international technical forum for participants to further their knowledge-base by being exposed to diverse topics, and exchange opinions and ideas both from industry and academia in a variety of topics related to Pressure Vessel and Piping technologies for the Power and Process Industries. The PVP Conference is a great place to exchange ideas and to meet colleagues as we all work to create and advance Pressure Vessels and Piping technologies for our global community of practice. The PVP Conference is a recognized forum for fruitful exchange of ideas with participants from over 40 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas, and the Oceania islands.

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iran oil show 2018


From the 6th to the 9th of May 2018, CST's sales and marketing manager Alessio Butini has partecipated to the 23rd international Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition held in Teheran, Iran.
CST booth has been hosted in the Italian Pavillion, the ideal stage , to present Company experiences, capabilities and services that can be made available for that challenging Market space.

The Iran Oil Show is among the most significant oil and gas events in the world in terms of the number of participants and its diversity.


From 7th to 8th of May, 2018, the Petrochemical & Refining Congress 2018 has been hosted in Berlin
CST was present with its booth Cosimo Carcasci, consultative service leader and Massimo Colzi, Service & Site Operations Project Manager, had the opportunity to introduce CST capabilities and services to Industry representatives, Manufacturers , End Users and Maintenance Companies leaders.
PRC Europe 2018 is a significant international downstream oil and gas event. The Congress is, dedicated to European Refining and Petrochemical sector: the vision of the Organizers is that the European petrochemical and refining industry is to be recognized as one of the growth platform in European present and future economic scenario



On April 9-10, 2018, CST partecipated to the PRC in Moscow.

PRC Russia & CIS is an annual event dedicated to oil refining and petrochemical industries, extending the PRC Europe series organized by BGS Group. More than 200 representatives from the global industry sector and particularly from Russia and CIS gather in Moscow every year to discuss topical issues of industry development, as well as to find new and strengthen existing contacts. The main goal of the event is to create a platform for networking for top- and mid-level executives, sharing experience, technologies and solutions.



adipec-2017-Hs ADIPEC 2017

CST news: From November 13th to 16th, the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company of Abu Dhabi hosted the 2017 edition of ADIPEC. This Forum is the leading venue to discuss topical issues of the industry, where decisions that provide direct impact on formation of the global gas market were been taken. Our maintenance engineering manager Cosimo Carcasci and our service and operation engineer Massimo Colzi were been at our booth, realized in partnership with SSE. 

Img web 2 SPIGF 2017

From October 3rd to 6th, the Expoforum of St. Petersburg hosted the 7th International Gas Forum.

This Forum is the leading venue to discuss topical issues of the industry.

Our principal consultant Giovanni Bucaneve & our sales and marketing manager Alessio Butini were been at our booth, realized together with our partners Alphagas and Sirio Sistemi Elettronici.

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banner 7th IranRotate IranRotate 2016

Il 16 Novembre 2016, al Niroo Research Institute Conference Center in Teheran ha avuto luogo la 7ª Conferenza sulle macchine rotanti nell'industria del 'Oil & Power' (IranRotate).
CST ha presentato l'articolo “Upgrade of the monitoring and protection systems of an aged centrifugal compressor”.

7th IranRotate 17th IranRotate

CST al Rotating Machinery Symposium in Seoul (Korea)

Dal 17 al 18 Novembre 2016, abbiamo partecipato al 18° Korea Rotating machinery Symposium tenutosi a Seoul.
Questa conferenza è ideata per aiutare gli ingegneri a condividere e scambiare informazioni sui problemi in ogni campo e eventuali relative soluzioni. (

krmea 2016 01krmea 2016

CST all' ADIPEC 2016

Dal 13 al 16 Novembre 2016, CST ha partecipato al Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference - ADIPEC 2016 (

adipec2016 02adipec2016 01

CST - Corso di formazione su pulsazioni e vibrazioni - Firenze

Il 3 e il 4 novembre, CST ospiterà una sessione di training intitolata: "vibrazioni e pulsazioni su compressori alternativi e relative esperienza sul campo". La sezione si terrà vicino ai nostri uffici a Firenze e coprirà i principali argomenti su questi temi: criteri di progettazione di base, pulsazioni e vibrazioni, mitigazione degli effetti. Le lezioni includeranno una panoramica su alcuni casi reali.
Per maggiori informazioni potete scaricare la brochure del corso o contattarci allo: +39 055 43 10 62


Abbiamo partecipato, come auditor, al GMRC che si è svolto a Denver (Colorado) dal 2 al 5 ottobre 2016 .[]



Dal 4 al 7 ottobre 2016, l’ExpoForum di San Pietroburgo ha ospitato il 6° International Gas Forum.

Il forum è il luogo ideale dove poter discutere sui temi di attualità del settore. Durante il forum, le aziende partecipanti prendono le loro decisioni che comportano poi un impatto diretto sulla formazione del mercato mondiale del gas.
Il nostro principal consultant Giovanni Bucaneve e il responsabile marketing e vendite Alessio Butini erano al nostro stand in fiera, realizzato con il nostro partner Alphagas.


Abbiamo partecipato alla 10ª conferenza EFRC tenutasi a Dusseldorf 14 e 15 settembre 2016. Durante l'evento abbiamo presentato l'articolo:
"Root cause analysis and solution of recurring fatigue failures in the cooler pipe bends of a high pressure LDPE compressor".[leggi articolo]
Abbiamo inoltre partecipato come Speaker al Training Seminar "Lubrication and Wear" nello specifico abbiamo trattato di "Lubrificazione dei Cilindri: effetti sull'usura dei pistoni e degli anelli di tenuta".


Abbiamo presentato un interessante articolo all’ultima Conferenza ASME che si è tenuta a Parigi dal 14 al 18 Luglio 2013. A Multi-phase CFD Study of a liquid slug Ingestion in a Reciprocating Compressor [leggi l'articolo]

Trobleshooting nella zona d’interfaccia macchina/impianto
Eliminazione di alte vibrazioni sul piping di interconnessione di due compressori alternativi Manutenzione T&M - numero 2 - Febbraio 2013


Altri due passi avanti per incrementare le nostre capacità di progettazione ....
CST ha sviluppato un nuovo metodo matematico e il relativo software proprietario BearingPerf per valutare, in fase di progetto, i parametri significativi del film di olio lubrificante (quali spessore minimo, massima pressione, temperatura massima, posizione ottimale dei fori di lubrificazione) dei cuscinetti, dinamicamente caricati, dell’albero a gomiti. Leggi gli articoli [prima parte][seconda parte]

IMG 18102011 144524

CST ha sviluppato un nuovo software proprietario DamPerf per la progettazione e/o la verifica dei volumi dei polmoni smorzatori di pulsazioni. Questo software tiene conto delle configurazioni di macchina più comuni e dei relativi dampeners e collettori. Il software tiene conto anche di configurazioni complesse di impianto con 2 o più macchine. La pulsazione accettabile può essere imposta dal progettista o calcolata secondo gli standard API 618. Leggi ancora....

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La Nostra Visione

Vogliamo essere:

  • Un leader riconosciuto per la sua elevata competenza tecnica
  • Un partner affidabile per le aziende più importanti del settore Oil & Gas
  • Una società solida che cresce fornendo soluzioni ad alto valore aggiunto ai propri clienti