Engineered Systems

CST has also the capability to supply complete systems which are developed to solve certain special problems. Some of these products are listed below.

  • Lubrication systems (brochure)
  • Control Systems, safe guarding, monitoring and diagnostic for rotating machine
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Lubrication systems

Most of the process plants equipped with reciprocating compressors do not accept the contamination of the compressed gas due to the luboil utilized for the lubrication of the compressor cylinders. In many cases, to achieve this goal dry lubricated cylinders are employed, but the time life of the seals is not matching the expectation of the user and the prescriptions of the regulations (f.i. the API 618). The solution of this dilemma can be achieved by utilizing a lubrication system that delivers, consistently, to every injection point, the minimum luboil quantity that creates the right environment for the seals, keeping the oil entrainment within the ppm allowed by the process engineers. CST has developed, together with a specialist of this sector, Dropsa, such a system and produces it customized for OEMs, packagers and end users.

Control Systems, safeguarding,monitoring and diagnostic for rotating machinery

Both for new projects and for upgrade/modernization of aged systems/machinery, CST designs and supplies control / monitoring / diagnostic systems based on leading edge of process automation technologies.

As for new units, also machines with tens of years’ operating life can be modernized by means of instrumentation and control systems with the purpose to increase safety, reliability, and productivity.

We can provide equipment both for safe and hazardous area (according to ATEX and NFPA) with SIL certified safety level.

The partnership with most significant players of the Oil&Gas/Energy sectors, let us to respond to the specific requirements of each plant, with a prompt, suitable and cost effective answer based on the most stringent engineering standards.


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Our Vision

We want to be:

  • A global leader recognized for its unique competence
  • A reliable partner for the most important companies in Oil & Gas sector
  • A company that grows solid continuing to supply value-added solutions to its customers