Failure analysis and Troubleshooting

CST has the technical capability and structure to respond quickly to field emergencies, analyze the problem, propose solutions and, in case, supply components to fix the machine.

Root cause analysis with proposals for problem solving

CST has a dedicated group of senior engineers that are capable to run multidisciplinary root cause analysis with the aim to understand the problem, do the necessary field investigations / measurements and recommend corrections. CST can also give an independent third party advice for most of the machinery related problems.

Analysis of recurrent faults

Machinery reliability is often impaired by recurrent failures whose existence is accepted by the operators as being unavoidable. CST, with its design know how, is in spite capable to study the behavior of the machine and its environment from scratch and accept the challenge to improve it thus overcoming a situation apparently unmodifiable.


Case History N.1

Three gas lift high speed reciprocating compressors installed on an FPSO in central Africa showed repeated leakages from the discharge valves of the high pressure cylinders since start up. CST was asked by the EPC contractor to study the problem and found that the design of the gasket to seal the gas towards the atmosphere was marginal and developed a new more robust solution for which it supplied also the relevant hardware with the satisfaction of the customer.

Case History N.2

At the start up of two natural gas reciprocating compressors running in parallel and feeding a steam reformer furnace two types of problem occurred:

- some piping vibrations, variable in the time,
- the failure of the crankmechanism bearings, which caused several stoppages of the plant.

CST was involved by the compressor OEM to overcome this very critical situation. The life of the reformer furnaces depends in fact much on the number of stoppages due to the very high temperature of their walls. After few days of study and some field measurements, CST found that the bearing problem was due to a wrong luboil pump and that the vibration one was due to some acoustical beats occurring because of the slightly different operating speed of the two induction motors. CST studied the necessary modifications that were implemented in a short time and solved completely both problems.

Our Vision

We want to be:

  • A global leader recognized for its unique competence
  • A reliable partner for the most important companies in Oil & Gas sector
  • A company that grows solid continuing to supply value-added solutions to its customers