Field support for machinery operation analysis

Field support and Machinery operation analysis are key factors in getting the best return from an investment. These activities, to be really effective, need a mix of on site presence and of deep home work.
As far as the on site activities CST is equipped with its partners for the following services:

  • Field service
  • Assistance to commissioning and start up
  • Analysis of performance
  • Field measurements

Field service

This activity includes: on site inspections, overhauls (scheduled and unscheduled down time) and any kind of necessary repairs.

Assistance to commissioning and start up

The start up period of a new or a revamped unit is always a critical moment. Process and machinery must learn to work together, control system being the interpreter. The presence of the package designer has shown to be very helpful and CST, together with its partners, is equipped to support the EPC contractor and the end user for this very special project phase.



Analysis of performance

Any statement regarding machinery must start from factual data. In particular, any maintenance program requires the assessment of the performance of the machine in order to constitute a baseline from which one start for improvement. Performance assessment shall include mechanical, thermodynamic, noise and reliability parameters.
CST’s engineers have a thorough understanding of all these parameters and are in a position to state if they are adequate or need any intervention.

Field measurements

The analysis of machinery performance both for maintenance management and for troubleshooting requires the availability of measures of the influencing parameters. These measurements need a special skill both in being taken and for their understanding. CST with its partners is fully equipped for any kind of measurements necessary in the field of rotating equipment such as:

  • Mechanical vibrations
  • Torsional vibrations
  • Pressure pulsations
  • Throughput
  • Power
  • Noise
  • Thermography
  • Acoustic emissions

Our Vision

We want to be:

  • A global leader recognized for its unique competence
  • A reliable partner for the most important companies in Oil & Gas sector
  • A company that grows solid continuing to supply value-added solutions to its customers