Healthcare Packages

Maintenance shall be seen not as a cost but as a tool to retain and improve the performance of the plants thus extending the life and profitability of the asset.
CST, with all its services, is a 360° partner for machinery maintenance.
In particular, CST has developed the Healthcare Packages based on the following integrated steps:

  • Baseline assessment by collecting data available on site and with a measurement campaign
  • Analysis of the situation and comparison with “best in class”
  • Search for opportunities of equipment downtime reduction and performance improvement
  • Analysis of recurrent faults
  • Program for reduction of maintenance cost
  • Machinery optimization

This methodical maintenance approach is key to large productivity improvement.


CST has a complete menu for assisting the machinery users for any kind of need both in routine and emergency situations. CST, by itself or through its partners, has the possibility to respond rapidly and with great competence, based on over 50 years of experience of its engineers, to your problems and help you to make the necessary corrections and get the best from your asset. Call our field service team to support your machinery service requirements.

Our Vision

We want to be:

  • A global leader recognized for its unique competence
  • A reliable partner for the most important companies in Oil & Gas sector
  • A company that grows solid continuing to supply value-added solutions to its customers