Machinery Revamping, Rehabilitation and Modernization

Process machinery continues to run for many decades. During this period several changes occur in their environment and there is often the necessity to introduce modifications in their structure to let them continue their service in the new situation thus allowing savings in the investment. Typical examples of the modifications that can be introduced on existing rotating machinery are the following:

  • Modifications for new operating conditions
  • Modernization of machinery components
  • Upgrading with new technology
  • Debottlenecking
  • Restoring damaged units

CST is in the position to support its customers on all the above aspects starting from the feasibility study up to the installation in the field

Modifications for new operating conditions

Very often process plants have to face changes in their operating conditions. It is common that the feedstock is changed, f.i. light to heavy crude oil, restrictions are introduced in the regulations on the end products, changes occur in reservoir conditions and so on. The associated machinery must follow these needs and consequently the users need the support to introduce the necessary modification to their equipment.
CST has a deep knowledge of all the aspects of this kind of intervention and is capable to support its customers from the feasibility study up to the installation in the field through the design, project management and construction.

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Modernization of machinery components

In many cases machinery components such as seals, bearings, instrumentation, etc. undergo important developments during the life of the equipment and it is often useful and, sometimes mandatory, to introduce the new technologies on existing machinery.
CST, being a company that by strategy stays on the forefront of technology, is in the position to help the users to update their equipment with the most advanced solutions available in the field.

Restoring damaged units

Equipment in some cases suffers catastrophic failures which may be due to the most different occurencies (fires, wars, liquid hammer, etc). In these cases there is then the need to make a series of activities to ascertain the damage, make the list of the parts necessary for restoration and the plan for the intervention. CST with its field, design and project management capabilities is in the position to contribute very effectively to this type of work.

Upgrading with new technology

In some cases the old machinery can be upgraded with a technology of a new generation to get a higher performance in terms of power, availability, etc. These goals require generally the substitution of old technology components or the introduction of brand new supplementary systems that were not available at the time of the original design of the machine.

A typical example of this upgrading is the installation of on board diagnostic systems with the relevant sensors that allow increasing the availability of the machines by avoiding catastrophic failures and allowing a predictive maintenance.
CST with its partnering connections with some advanced companies can propose to its customers the most suitable solutions to upgrade their equipment.


In some cases the throughput of a process plant is limited by a part of the whole plant. Often this limit comes from the machinery, which is the heart the plant. CST, with its design capability, have the tools to make feasibility studies and then the complete engineering work to achieve the most appropriate solution to revamp the machine and thus the plant.


Our Vision

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