Remote monitoring & Tele-Diagnostics

Data analysis

CST has a dedicated group and a long experience for the monitoring of machinery both in the field and remote. CST has been following several tens of compressors for many years through email data transmission. Data received are processed in real time to check key performance indicators for a proactive maintenance.

Typical reporting

On a routine basis weekly and monthly reports are issued, while in case of potential emergency an immediate alert is sent to the user.


Why outsourcing this activity

  • In house program too expensive (Software, hardware, etc)
  • Specialized performance analysis is not a core business
  • Staff training too long
  • Data normally available not sufficient to improve performance
  • Proactive maintenance requiring design know-how
  • Lack of time of internal resources to dedicate to this activity
  • Integration with a specialist company as an occasion for training internal people.

Our Vision

We want to be:

  • A global leader recognized for its unique competence
  • A reliable partner for the most important companies in Oil & Gas sector
  • A company that grows solid continuing to supply value-added solutions to its customers