Cylinder Optimization

Cylinder optimization by Cylopt Mono

Cylinder performance is highly affected by fluid-dynamic of the internal cylinder ducts and by the valve passages. These passages are not constant during the piston stroke. In fact, when the piston approaches the dead centers, the valve area is partially covered by the piston and these passages change their cross section. CST has developed a dedicated one dimensional software, the Cylopt Mono, to take account of this phenomenon thus having the possibility to optimize those passages.

CFD example

Cylinder Optimization by Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) - Cylopt FSI 3D

The simulation of the fluid-dynamic phenomena is normally done assuming that the ambient in which they occur is stationary (f.i. the flow of gas through an orifice). Vice versa, when the mechanical ambient is studied, the fluid is considered stationary (for instance the stress on a cylinder due to a gas under pressure). A new software, the Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) is instead capable to simulate the fluid-dynamic phenomena in a mechanical mobile field. CST, with its partners, is experienced in the utilization of this new software and developed an application, the Cylopt FSI 3D. With the Cylopt FSI 3D the fluid-dynamic of the gas in a reciprocating compressor cylinder is studied, while the piston moves within the liner and all mechanical actions due to fluid-dynamic forces are also simulated (f.i. to determine cylinder valve behavior). The Cylopt FSI 3D is utilized to fine tune the cylinder design, previously defined by means of the Cylopt Mono software to finalize the optimization of the cylinder performance.

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