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Foundation Design & Dynamic Analysis

CST services to address
reciprocating compressor foundation block design

Any compressor, driver and their accessories are solidly mounted on a foundation block to avoid harmful vibrations and misalignment that could damage compressor components and equipment nearby. The foundation block interacts between the soil and the machine, and it must be designed to take into account requirements of both elements. Particular care needs to be taken for reciprocating compressors foundation block design due to the forces and moments coming from reciprocating and rotating masses movement transmitted to the foundation block. Dangerous mechanical resonances between the natural frequencies of foundation block and compressor excitations can only be avoided by an accurate mechanical analysis.

CST Experience and Solution

CST coupled the long-standing experience of its design engineers with advanced and integrated computing tools. CST can define the most appropriate solution for a correct foundation system design for both rotating and reciprocating machines, new or existing units.

In the event of any issues the end-user faces on existing machinery, CST, together with its partner Blackstone Industrial, can help by providing a wide portfolio of services for foundations and vibration problems:

  • Visual inspection of foundation block, primarily the area of contact between the foundation block and the compressor casing or crankcase to check its integrity and evaluate any possible crack
  • Field measurements and machine vibration analysis to detect potential dangerous situations
  • Finite element analysis to evaluate the foundation system behavior in order to reinforce weak areas
  • Reduction of excitations (shaking and inertia forces), whenever possible
  • Elimination of resonances by changing vibration modes.



  • Review of foundation block:

    Check of any possible change in soil properties (e.g. water level) with consequent review of foundation block and anchor-bolts design, providing the necessary foundation repair.