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Package structural design

Services to address package structural integrity

Process compressors, both reciprocating and centrifugal, are supplied in a packaged configuration, whenever their size allows it. Machine preassembling with its accessories on one or more skids, depending on the size is the preferred arrangement solution. Compressor packaging requires a deep analysis of some special aspects, some of them being in conflict each other, create a real challenge. Pulsation/vibration control, safe lifting, transportation, machinery alignment and ergonomics for maintainability.

CST experience and solution

CST compressor package design carefully considers all aspects above through a dedicated study of piping support, skid structure, lifting devices, mode shapes, a.s.o.

The supporting skid is of paramount importance for a good package performance in the field. Skid optimization is therefore one fundamental step within CST’s package design process. The best weight/stiffness compromise is done by a combination of the following tools:

  • Concrete filling: it is possible to optimize the mechanical response of the skid by filling selected empty spaces of the skid with concrete. Putting concrete into the skid increases the mass and the stiffness.
  • Beam reinforcements: Thanks to the dynamic structure analysis, it is possible to identify the best position to apply reinforcement beams to increase the stiffness of the structure and avoid dangerous resonance frequencies.
  • Foundation block and bolts: it is also possible to improve the vibratory behavior of a skid through an accurate definition of foundation bolts position and foundation block design.
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