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Pipe stress analysis

Services to address pipe thermal stresses

To avoid too high stresses on piping and excessive thrusts on its connections to the machinery it is necessary to perform a deep thermal and flexibility stress analysis of the piping system. This analysis allows to verify the adequacy of the position and constraint type of supports. This study defines also if any expansion joint would be required to reduce the stiffness of system and keep the thermal thrust within acceptable limit.

Often, requirements for piping flexibility to avoid excessive thermal stresses or forces/moments on the flanges connecting to the machines are clashing with piping vibration containment solutions which need stiffer piping structure. This is particularly true for reciprocating compressors that are subject to excitations of cyclic forces (pulsations and inertia forces). Therefore, making a sound analysis requires the knowledge about both disciplines.
CST know-how, coupled with its computational capabilities and field experience, makes available the multidisciplinary approach to assure a flawless design of the piping systems associated to machinery design.