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Systems and Packages

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Packaged Systems are self-sufficient products fully engineered and preassembled that can be delivered on site requiring just to be positioned and connected to the rest of the plant facilitating its construction. Nowadays, more and more compressors are assembled on a skid with all their ancillary equipment. In the past, this could only be done for portable compression units typically for natural gas or for certain off-shore duties in upstream applications.

Depending on the type of customer’s need, CST can make just the Engineering Design or also the Procurement and Construction of the following type of systems:

  • Complete compression packages
  • Lube oil and cooling water consoles
  • Leak gas recovery and buffering systems for emission control

Compression Packages

A Compression Package is a complete stand-alone system, often critical for the process in which it is installed. Design of a package must be very accurate. A multidisciplinary knowledge is required to meet the target reliability in operation. CST has extensive experience in designing compression packages both for reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.

CST capabilities include the following:

CST can design compression packages in accordance with the following codes, specifications, and standards:

  • API Std:
    • API-618 / API-674 / API 11P for Reciprocating Compressors and Packages
    • API-610 / API-676 for Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps
    • API-614 for Lubrication Systems
    • API-617 / API-619 for Axial, Centrifugal and Rotary-Type Positive-Displacement Compressors
  • NACE, for corrosive environment installations
  • ASME:
    • Section VIII for Pressure Vessels
    • 3 for Process Piping
    • B16 for Valves, fittings and gaskets
  • TEMA, for tubular exchangers
  • Machinery Directive compliance, including PED and ATEX assessment certifications

Lube oil consoles

CST can design and produce Lube Oil and Cooling water consoles for reciprocating and centrifugal compressors in accordance with API and ISO standards.
Other applicable design standards are: API 614 (ISO 10438) , API 618 (ISO 13707), API610, API617, API692, API660, API520, API526, API521, ISA 5.1 , ANSI , ASME , PED, TEMA, IEC, ATEX , NEMA, TU-CR, CE, EAC, CSA, UL, FM.

Leak gas recovery and Buffering systems

Gas emissions, particularly those of methane, are very critical for the ambient and therefore must be controlled and reduced as much as possible.

CST has extensive experience in developing and producing systems to measure, gather and recover emissions due to leak gas from compressor seals of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors. CST designs and produces also Nitrogen purging/buffering systems to control gas leakage.

Leak Gas Recovery from a Natural Gas Pipeline Compression Station
Leak Gas Recovery from a Natural Gas Pipeline Compression Station


Here below are shown for reference some examples of projects with Systems and Packages developed by CST