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Field Engineering & Machinery Operation Analysis

Field engineering and machinery operation analysis are key for the best return on an asset investment. These activities often require a combination of on-site visits for data gathering and equipment inspection and comprehensive engineering studies. CST is capable to provide end-to-end service to support root causes, equipment troubleshooting, and performance improvement.

Field engineering

Maximize equipment uptime and performance is critical for plant operations and its economics.
CST's experience can support customers in the field by providing the following services:

  • On-site surveys
  • On-site inspections
  • Asset health assessment
  • Local diagnostics by portable tools
  • Root cause analysis

Machine performance analysis

Machine performance assessment is the baseline to fix problems or define improvement opportunities. Performance assessment includes mechanical, thermodynamic, noise and reliability parameters.

CST engineers have a thorough understanding of all aspects related to performances and can rigorously evaluate if relevant data is operationally acceptable, or define actions for improvements.

Field measurements

Machinery performance analysis both for maintenance management and troubleshooting requires the measurements of influencing parameters. Special skill and instrumentation are required to execute these measurements and evaluation. CST offers these capabilities for all types of measurements necessary for rotating equipment in the field.

  • mechanical vibrations
  • torsional vibrations
  • pressure pulsations
  • indicated cycle
  • throughput
  • power
  • noise
  • thermography
  • acoustic emissions.

Field interventions

In addition to performing measurements, CST engineers and Blackstone Technical Advisors can implement any corrective actions, such as:

  • evaluating the adequacy of the thermodynamic performance
  • detecting any mismatch between process and machinery
  • RCA of any failure occurred on machinery
  • checking vibration and correcting support structures
  • repairing foundations.

Assistance for commissioning and start up

The start-up of a new or a revamped unit is always critical. Process and machinery must run smoothly together, the control system is the link that ensures that this condition is achieved and maintained. CST is equipped to support compressor packager, EPC contractor and end user in this very special stage of a project.