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Remote-Diagnotics, Heltcare Packages and
General Plant Assessement

Equipment Maintenance is a fundamental aspect of the working life of a critical machine. It‘s an investment to assure safety and reliable plant operations. Selected Key Performance Indicators (KPI) shall be kept under control to achieve reliable operations and performance.
In addition to Root cause analysis & Troubleshooting, CST can provide to end users a unique suite of services, the Proactive Asset Diagnostics - PAD through the following modules:

  • Remote-diagnostics
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Healthcare Pakages (HCP)
  • General Plant assessment


CST has an extensive experience in monitoring and performance evaluation of machinery operation both in the field, with Portable Diagnostics, and remotely through the evaluation of the data coming from the on-board instrumentation. Several dozens of compressors are monitored via data transmission. Data set is processed to check KPIs for predictive or proactive maintenance in real time. Within a cost-effective HCP contract, the user receives a weekly and monthly report from CST. Parameters readings from instrumentation on board are reported and trends are analyzed over time. Instructions and recommendations on any corrective actions or maintenance requirement is recommended to restore or improve performance. In the event of a potential emergency, an immediate alarm is sent to the user by e-mail, smartphone app or other pre-established modality so that action can be taken as soon as possible minimizing any possible impact.

Discharge valve cover temperature
Discharge valve cover temperature

Crank-mechanism lube-oil parameters
Crank-mechanism lube-oil parameters
Main input diagnostic parameters
Main input diagnostic parameters

Example of tele-diagnostics leading to compressor revamping

Vibration increased, due to some broken bolts connecting the cylinder to the distance piece. An abnormal rod load increase was discovered due to an out of design suction pressure which was cured by revamping the compressor. New cylinder with updated bore, volume bottles and other components were replaced.

Diagnostic Systems

CST developed a dedicated diagnostic software based on its own well-proven compressor performance simulation software Reciperf that can be installed on any hardware or HMI of new or existing reciprocating compressors. The result is a cost-effective system that allows the Proactive Asset Diagnostics function to be implemented.

Health-care packages

CST Engineering service portfolio combined with Blackstone Industrial’s in field and shop capabilities make them the partners of choice for machinery maintenance and upgrade. Healthcare Package provides a great value to end users who want to sleep well at night. The Healthcare package is based on the following steps:

  • Baseline assessment by collecting data available on site and with a measurement campaign for Data Driven Maintenance Management (D2M)
  • Analysis of any recurrent fault
  • Tele-Diagnostics of machine performance through remote monitoring
  • Analysis of the situation and comparison with “expected performance values”
  • Machinery optimization by Components Upgrade.

CST has an extensive portfolio of Engineered Products for improvements, applicable both on routine and emergency maintenance.

General Plant Assessment

Thanks to the multi-disciplinary competence, CST is a reputed  third-party advisor for establishing the adequacy of operations of large systems, such as complete compression stations owned by international joint ventures, evaluating both the operation management of the asset and the necessity of future upgrade to the most recent technology.