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Root Cause Analysis & Troubleshooting

Downtime may be really expensive.

Regardless of any precautions and preventive maintenance practices, sometimes things just go wrong, and need to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid expensive machine downtime. Fixing a problem requires an understanding of how to isolate and define it.

Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) must be carried out to define the elements at the root of the failure reaction chain and to fix the most probable causes of failure, which are often inter-linked.

Failure analysis and Troubleshooting

CST has the technical capability and resources to respond quickly to field emergencies, analyze the problem, propose solutions, and supply any components required to fix the machine.

With a probability assessment based on experience and a detailed analysis of the symptom-cause-failure chain, the most probable cause and its relevant viable solution can be identified.


Root cause analysis with proposals for problem solving

CST has a dedicated group of senior engineers who can run multidisciplinary RCA to understand problems, perform field investigations / measurements and recommend corrective actions.

CST can also provide independent third-party advice for most machinery-related problems.


Overcoming recurrent failures

Machinery reliability is often impaired by recurrent failures, which are accepted by operators and expected to be unavoidable. With its design engineering know-how and experience, CST can study the behavior of the machine in its environment from scratch and accept the challenge to identify sustainable remedies, thus overcoming an apparently unimprovable issue.