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CST has been developing more and more engineered products to meet customers requests for equipment or components. CST key products are listed below:

  • Compressor components
  • Bare compressors
  • Cylinder lubrication systems
  • Luibe-oil consoles
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Compression packages

Compressor components

CST is fully capable and referenced to design, manufacture, assemble, and test products, both for new units and for service.
Typical examples of these products are:

  • Compressor cylindersPagina AT
  • Piston rods
  • Pistons
  • Cylinder heads
  • Crank mechanism bearings
  • Tightening devices

Bare Compressors

4.2CST also developed a complete compressor line. Compressors can be supplied either packaged or bare for packaging to final customers. CST compressor line is conceived for clean energy applications, such as hydrogen and natural gas compression; nevertheless, it can be used for other gases.

Many CST compressors are successfully in operation meeting full customer’s satisfaction.


Cylinder lubrication systems

4.3CST developed a new lubrication system called Point Lubrification System (PLS) which is a hybrid between the Pump to Point and the Progressive systems. This innovative design combines the strength of their functionalities whilst overcoming their drawbacks. The system includes a pump with a number of pumping elements, normally only one per cylinder, each one of them feeding a flow divider valve. Downstream of each flow divider valve, the lubricant is injected into points having similar pressures (of the same compression stage). In between the pumping unit and the flow divider valve there is a filter to protect the valve from any impurities in the oil. The flow divider valve splits the lubricant into defined and accurate streams to be injected into the various lubrication points of the cylinder and packings.

Each CST PLS system is tested and fine-tuned on a dedicated test bench prior to delivery.

Lube-oil and Cooling water consoles

CST has successfully designed and manufactured Lube-oil consoles for crank-mechanisms of reciprocating compressor and for bearing lubrication of centrifugal compressors. Moreover, CST manufactures also cooling water consoles for cooling compressed gas as well as compressor components such as cylinders and packings.

Lube Oil Console
Lube Oil Console

Diagnostic Systems

Intelligent electronic systems are currently applied for machinery diagnostics just for large heavy-duty machinery or only to a limited extent for more conventional machinery, due to the high cost, i.e. very large hyper-compressors in Low Density Polyethylene plants. However, a failure of smaller machine, such as a 200 kW refinery compressor, can cause a costly shut-down of the plant. CST developed a cost-effective diagnostic solution available for a wider industrial application aiming to protect and manage the majority of reciprocating compressors.
The result is a high return value for end-users, and a cost-effective tool: Reci-CoDe. This system allows users to keep Key Performance Indicators and warning on incipient anomalies under control. The system allows end user to monitor the assets by themselves or through a Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic service program with CST.
The Reci-CoDe System evaluates the real data of the machine with a model defined by proprietary analytics. It checks thermodynamic data (pressures and temperatures) through our CST ReciPerf Performance Software and other operating data, and evaluates, in real time, any abnormal behavior. The system is capable to detect the most probable cause, thus making a real diagnosis, giving warning of incipient failure of cylinder valves, piston rings, packing glands, etc.
The Reci-CoDe software can be installed on the latest miniaturized hardware or on the HMI of new or existing reciprocating compressors. It can be connected to any PC in the office, tablet or smartphone app.
Reci-CoDe is conceived to also help users in industrial sectors where maintenance structures are typically limited, such as CNG refueling stations or PET bottle blowing.



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Compression Package Construction

The supply chain for the construction of complete compression packages is rather complex as it involves many global players such as gas engine or electric motor manufacturers, air coolers, pressure vessels, etc.
CST has a long-standing international experience and business relations. It has a qualified supplier base coordinated by an experienced project management team to assure the highest quality standards necessary for the construction of a complete package, including the following activities:

  • Material specification & procurement
  • Package construction and testing
  • Site installation
  • On site erection, commissioning, and start-up
  • Field service