Competence at work for service and innovation


A vast array of equipment

CST is the partner of choice: a partner to improve reliability and performance of rotating equipment reducing Capex and Opex
An exceptional Machinery Design and Realization capability in a single independent company

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the state of the art and experience of its engineers, CST can deal with all the aspects of product development: from market analysis and conceptual phase of new lines of machines to the implementation of detailed design, packaging, field service, commissioning, and start up.
Customers receive, in all phases of their projects, the best possible support for a vast array of machinery.

Reciprocating Compressors

From design throughout service


From design throughout service


Systems and troubleshooting


Driver selection and troubleshooting

Gas Turbines

Driver selection and troubleshooting

Centrifugal Pumps

Machine selection and troubleshooting

Reciprocating Pumps

Machine analysis, troubleshooting and recurrent failure elimination

Compression Packages

From design to manufacturing and installation